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Are you looking for Rain Safe for your vehicle?

Driving conditions can change significantly during the rainy season. Driving becomes especially challenging in UK’s cool, cloudy and rainy climate.

Do you often drive during a downpour?

Rainy weather brings lower visibility and increased braking distance along with the risk of aquaplaning. To steer clear of any road mishaps due to such issues, you must maintain the optimal tread depth in your tyres. The rest is up to your careful driving.

We at Lincolns Tyre Service always try to educate our customers regarding safe drive on wet road conditions. It is why our experts recommend monthly tyre check-ups to ensure your maximum on road safety.

Our top 3 rules to drive safely during rainy weather

Always follow these rules when you hit the road during heavy rain:

Drive slow

The slower your drive, the more control you will have over your vehicle. So always try to maintain or stay below the speed limit on wet roads. It helps with easier braking.

Keep the lights on

Heavy rains can significantly lower visibility while driving. So, to ensure maximum visibility, keep your car’s headlights turned on.

Maintain more distance between vehicles

Make way for other fellow drivers. Also, double the distance between your car and the one standing in front of you as the braking distance increases during wet road conditions.

But that’s not all!

Read the below tips to stay safe in wet road conditions:

Be careful during the first rain shower

The very first rain showers can result in dangerous driving conditions. Wondering why? It is because the rain mixes with debris and oil on the road, which can cause a slick surface. So, stay extra cautious while driving through such road conditions.

Apply brakes carefully

During heavy rains, your vehicle’s brakes will not respond as fast as they do on dry roads. Try to increase driving visibility and apply the brakes only after slowing down the car. Sudden braking on wet roads can cause skidding.

Replace your old tyres

Damaged tyres are among the primary reasons for road mishaps during heavy rains. As per UK laws, any tyre below the tread depth of 1.6 mm is illegal for the road. It is why we recommend that you conduct regular checks on your car’s tyres.

You can bring your tyres to us for minor repairs. However, if your tyres have suffered major damages, a tyre replacement is an ideal choice.

You can choose from our vast inventory of tyres Stevenage, including prominent brands such as:

  • Pirelli
  • Michelin
  • BF Goodrich
  • Goodyear
  • Toyo
  • Continental and more

For queries, feel free to reach us on 01438354473.

You can also drive to our workshop at 15 Julians Road, Stevenage, SG1 3ES.