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Are you looking for Shock Absorbers and Suspension for your vehicle?


Most vehicle owners think that a car suspension system only provides a smooth driving experience. However, this advanced mechanism also ensures your on-road safety and optimises fuel economy. Hence, you need to keep all its components in optimum condition at all times.

For professional inspections and OE-grade suspension replacements Stevenage, feel free to rely on us- Lincolns Tyre Service. Regardless of the type of vehicle that you drive, our experts can deal with the suspension system of any car make and model. Call us for appointments and quotes.

Parts of a suspension system

In modern cars, various components of the suspension system work in tandem to provide a superior driving experience, even on the bumpiest of roads. Some of them are listed below:

  • Springs
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Linkages
  • Joints and bushings
  • Frame
  • Shock absorbers, etc.

If any of the parts malfunction, you’ll be able to spot some common signs. We’ll be discussing these symptoms in detail below.

Common indications of a faltering suspension

Keep an eye out for these symptoms of a defective car suspension system Stevenage:

One corner of your vehicle sits low

Observe your car closely when parked on levelled ground. Does one of the corners appear to be sitting low compared to the others? It is a common indication of a damaged spring. Car owners can be sure of this in case they’re able to hear a clunking sound when driving over a bump.

Uncomfortable driving experience

Your vehicle’s suspension system is responsible for ensuring a smooth ride by absorbing all the heavy impacts from potholes, kerbs, etc. Hence, if you’re feeling every bump on the road, you can be sure that something’s wrong with the suspension.

Vehicle dips when halting

If your car’s shock absorbers Stevenage are worn out, your vehicle will nosedive on braking. Make sure to visit a reliable garage and get the issue resolved immediately.

Oily shock absorbers

Pay close attention to the shocks. If they seem greasy or oily, there’s a high chance of leakage. Hence, get the shock absorbers replaced at the earliest.

Uneven tread wear

Another common symptom of a malfunctioning car suspension system Stevenage is uneven tyre wear. However, this might also be due to improper wheel balancing or misaligned wheels. Hence, make sure you get the services of a trustworthy suspension repairing garage Stevenage that can diagnose the issue and provide a solution accordingly.

Difficulty while steering

Do you find it difficult to steer your vehicle at low speeds? It is an indication of damaged or worn-out suspension mounts. Not addressing the issue in time can compromise your driving safety. Therefore, you must visit a suspension repairing garage Stevenage as soon as possible.

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