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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?


Driving with over or under-inflated tyres directly impacts your handling experience and might even jeopardise your safety while driving. Hence, car owners must inflate tyres to the manufacturer recommended PSI (pounds per square inch).

We at Lincolns Tyre Service recommend driving to our garage for a free tyre pressure check Stevenage at least once every month or before heading out for a long road trip. There’s no need to make any prior appointment; feel free to drop by our facility during business hours.

Benefits of maintaining accurate tyre pressure

Fuel efficiency: Driving under-inflated tyres can increase your car’s fuel consumption by approximately 5%. Hence, it’s vital to maintain correct tyre pressure to minimise fuel expenses.

Longevity of tyres: Properly inflated tyres last significantly longer than under-inflated tyres. As per research, the lifespan of your vehicle’s tyres reduces by approximately 25% if the tyre pressure is 5 PSI below the recommended level.

Safety: Driving with over or under-inflated tyres can cause a sudden blowout. Hence, it’s imperative to drive down to our facility for a free tyre pressure check Stevenage.

Handling performance: Tyres with optimum pressure value ensure a superior driving experience, providing maximum grip, traction and ideal braking performance.

Here are the most common problems faced by car owners if their vehicle’s tyres are over or under-inflated:

  • Difficulty in maintaining directional stability
  • Inconsistent tyre wear
  • A poor handling experience
  • Higher fuel consumption
  • Steering lag, etc.

Also, please note that under-inflation can cause damage to the interiors of a car tyre which can lead to a sudden blowout.

Do not just rely on a car’s TPMS

Vehicles nowadays come with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that sends a signal to the car owner if the pressure level inside a tyre falls dangerously below the recommended level. Nevertheless, this system might fail to notify the driver if its sensors are not optimally working. Hence, visit our workshop for a free tyre pressure check Stevenage.

Our technicians refer to your car’s tyre placard (usually present in the fuel cap hatch, doorjamb, driver’s side door pillar, etc.) or the owner’s manual to determine the ideal tyre pressure.

So, try us!