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How much should I spend on buying new tyres for my car?

It is probably the most common question that most motorists struggle with when selecting new tyres for their vehicles. However, the answer to this is not quite straightforward. Budget tyres do feature a smaller price tag, but at the same time, they may require frequent replacement. On the other hand, premium tyres can burn a hole in your pocket.

At Lincolns Tyre Service, we understand that selecting the perfect set of tyres per your needs might get a little overwhelming. That’s why our experts will brief you on the difference between premium and budget tyres when you visit us for a tyre purchase.

Typically, three aspects describe the qualities of both these variants. They are:


Premium and budget tyres may look the same in appearance. However, note that their development and design procedure are very different. Premium tyres are manufactured to meet a certain standard and will naturally deliver better performance than budget tyres. In addition, premium units go through rigorous checks, which ensure the highest quality standards.


Premium tyres feature the latest manufacturing technology. They come engineered with features that ensure optimal grip, traction and driving performance on different road conditions. Premium tyre manufacturers like Pirelli dedicate years to innovation, research and investment to roll out a variety of summer, winter and all-season units. In addition, their advanced technology increases tyre longevity.


Due to enough competition between premium tyre manufacturers, these units undergo constant improvement and get updated to provide maximum safety on the road. Their premium construction material ensures that you enjoy a comfortable and safe driving experience regardless of the road conditions.

On the other hand, Budget tyres are made ideally per UK law, so they meet the minimum safety requirements. However, being cheap, they tend to wear off more quickly.

Still confused between premium and budget tyres?

Before proceeding with your purchase, make sure to look at the EU tyre labelling on each tyre. These labels grade the tyres based upon their wet braking distance, performance, fuel efficiency and noise emission. You can use it as a guide to select the ideal tyre as per your preference.

What Do We Have for You?

Whether premium or budget tyres, Lincolns Tyre Service has it all!

We are a renowned retailer with a massive stock of tyres Stevenage. Have a look at what we have on our inventory:

Premium units

  • Bridgestone
  • BF Goodrich
  • Dunlop
  • Goodyear
  • Continental
  • Pirelli
  • Michelin

Budget units

  • Autogrip
  • Fullrun
  • Insa Turbo
  • Runway

Impressive, right?

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