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Are you looking for Tyre Safe for your vehicle?

Regular tyre checks ensure driving safety when you hit the road. Proper tyre maintenance also reduces repair costs and promotes tyre longevity. However, as per estimations, one in five drivers has always neglected the tread of their car tyres.

To educate drivers on the importance of tyre safety, TyreSafe has been conducting impactful work since 2006. The primary objective of TyreSafe is the protection and preservation of health and saving the lives of various drivers by educating them about on-road safety.

Keeping the importance of such a safety drive in mind, we, Lincolns Tyre Service, have been a proud member of the TyreSafe community. We constantly ask our customers to ‘ACT’ on tyre safety and conduct regular tyre checks at least once a month by visiting a reliable car workshop.

What is ACT?

Let us break down this acronym for you!

A - air pressure

Car tyres are bound to lose some pressure every month. So, you must conduct regular tyre pressure checks, especially before a long journey, to avoid any possible road mishaps. Overinflated or underinflated tyres will significantly hamper road to tyre contact while also reducing vehicle performance. Moreover, it even leads to premature tyre wear. Ideally, the psi of your car tyres must be between 32 and 35, which requires checking at regular intervals.

C - condition

According to a recent survey by TyreSafe in partnership with Highways England, there are over 10 million illegal tyres on UK roads. Needless to say, damaged tyres can severely hamper on-road safety of all. Here are a few situations wherein you should switch to new tyres:

  • Sudden juddering while driving
  • Increased vehicular noise
  • Reduced braking efficiency and traction

On observing any of these symptoms, reach us for tyre replacement Stevenage. We are a reputed retailer of premium, mid-range and budget tyre brands.

T - tread depth

Tread depth is the amount of rubber that comes in contact with the surface. The legal tread depth to drive in the UK is 1.6 mm. If it falls below the legal standard, it can significantly increase the braking distance and reduce handling stability.

Note: You can check the tread depth of your tyres with ease, using a 20 p coin. Position it into the tread grooves. If the outer portion of the coin is not visible, then the tyre’s tread depth falls within the legal requirements.

Visit Lincolns Tyre Service for a tyre check

Are you worried about your tyres’ safety?

Stay assured of tyre safety by opting for a tyre check Stevenage at our workshop. We will check your tyres’ pressure and adjust it accordingly. In addition, we will also check for any potential damage to your tyres and inspect the tread depth. Upon finding any major issues, we will proceed with our fixes only after consulting you.

We are committed to your on-road safety!

Dial 01438354473 to get in touch with one of our experts today.

You can also mail us your queries at lincolnstyres@outlook.com. Or, drive down to our facility at 15 Julians Road, Stevenage, SG1 3ES.